Southside with You

I’m looking forward to seeing this movie about the Obamas’ first date. 

Cat Gets Locked Outside

Those are some unique cat sounds hahahhaa

Prince & Misty Copeland Perform The Beautiful Ones

This is my favorite Prince song and the performance with Misty Copeland is amazing. As I get older I love The Beautiful Ones more and more. 

I go to another level when Prince sings…

Do you want him?

Or do you want me?

Cause I want you

This Could Be Us


Rest in Peace Prince


Connect Four Game Face

President Obama and Stephen Curry. Love it. 

Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps

I love my salt lamp. I also sprinkle different essential oils on the salt rocks to enhance the mood. 

Bath Time for a Kitty

My cat would never let me do this. 

5 Life Lessons from Dr. Seuss

Sliding through the Week Like…

This is a fantastic week but I know the feeling well.