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How to Use Your Spiritual Power to Live a Magical Life

I came across this gem today. My heart is open and ready to receive. Thank you.

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A Wild Woman Once Said

Raise your hand and let me know if you can relate. 

Leave a comment if you need help with the process of letting go. 

Freedom is yours if it’s what you desire. 

I am here to serve. 

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Don’t be Afraid to Start Over

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Anonymity Online with Tor

Protect Your Privacy Online with Tor

What is Tor:

Download Tor:

Read these steps before using Tor so it really works:

Tor is also available for iOS: Onion Browser – Secure & Anonymous Web with Tor

How to Go Invisible Online (article):

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Twistance One

Twistance Two

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Deserving More Starts with Your Thought

Abundance Pyramid

if you don’t think you deserve more, you’ll always accept less and you’ll always settle.

You deserve love. You deserve a life free of suffering and abuse. You deserve abundance.

Here is a brief and good article called “If You Don’t Think You Deserve More, You’ll Always Accept Less.”

If you want more in your life, this starts with your thought.When you change your outlook you will change your life.


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Stop Wasting Your Time with the Wrong People

I’m grateful to be surrounded by the right people in my life. Get rid of the vision blockers in your life.

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Never Run Back to What Broke You

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Don't do it!

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Black Lives Matter Period

Black Lives Matter Period