Lucille Clifton – won’t you celebrate with me

A whimsical tapestry of colors and light, where shimmering stars dance joyfully with vibrant flowers and playful fireflies. In this enchanted realm, a kaleidoscope of hues paints the sky, casting a spell of magic and wonder. Sparkling fairy dust weaves through the air, illuminating the scene with an ethereal glow. Within this enchanting landscape, a childlike figure, radiating with boundless energy, skips across a bridge made of dreams, their laughter echoing through the atmosphere. With each step, flowers bloom in their wake, releasing fragrances that intoxicate the senses. The air is alive with the melodies of tinkling bells and the soft whispers of nature. This image, teeming with life and whimsy, invites you to Step into the Nexus, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and the journey of self-discovery is bathed in a vibrant tapestry of joy and magic.

Step into the enchanting realm of celebration as I explore the profound poem won’t you celebrate with me by the incomparable Lucille Clifton. I was introduced to the poem in the Neurodistinct Check-in last Saturday. In this captivating piece, Clifton unveils a tapestry of resilience, … Read more