Dancing with Boundaries

In the midst of a sun-kissed meadow, a young Black girl with curly, vibrant hair dances joyfully under the radiant embrace of the golden rays. Her eyes sparkle with an enchanting light, mirroring the infinite possibilities that dance within her soul. She is adorned in a whimsical dress, the colors of the rainbow weaving together in a tapestry of magic and self-expression. With arms outstretched and a wide smile painted across her face, she twirls effortlessly, her feet barely touching the ground. Every movement she makes echoes with a sense of liberation and authenticity. As she spins, a trail of glittery stardust follows her, illuminating the path she traverses, revealing her innate power and the vibrant energy she radiates. In her dance, she embodies the strength and resilience that arise from honoring her boundaries and embracing her true self. It's a moment frozen in time, capturing the essence of her inner child's playful spirit and the boundless wonder that flows through her.

Dancing with Boundaries

Today, my heart feels a little heavy, but I’m determined to let my inner joy shine through. I’ve been experiencing more lessons about my not-so-favorite theme—boundaries. Boundaries, for me, mean knowing what feels right and speaking up when something doesn’t feel good. When I honor my boundaries, my body and spirit align in harmony.

Amidst this enchanting journey, I’ve observed a pattern that tugs at the strings of my heart. People sometimes express interest in being part of my life. They whisper such sweet words, promising to be my friend and share in my adventures. Yet, just when I start feeling all giddy with excitement, I realize they’re not truly available to dance alongside me in this journey. It’s as if they’re playing a whimsical game of hide-and-seek, appearing and disappearing before I can even say peek-a-boo.

This playful game stirs up a whirlwind of emotions within me. It awakens those tender wounds from childhood—the ones that make me feel abandoned and rejected. But here’s the magical truth I’m learning: these emotions, though they may sting, are not here to harm me. They are here to guide me on a path of healing and growth.

With the inner work I’ve been bravely undertaking, I’m becoming more attuned to the energies around me. It’s as if I possess a special, mystical power—an intuition that reveals when someone is not truly aligned with my journey. And though it still pains me, deep down, I know that I deserve friends who are fully present, ready to twirl and pirouette with me through life’s whimsical twists and turns.

In this sacred space of self-discovery, I allow myself to feel all the colors of my emotions. The disappointment, the annoyance, the frustration—they are all welcome here. I won’t push them away or pretend they don’t exist. Instead, I gift myself the power of acknowledgment, for it is through honoring these emotions that I grow stronger and more resilient.

But I shall not linger in the shadows of hurt for too long. I am a radiant ball of joyful energy, and I refuse to let anyone dim the light within me. With every step I take, head held high, I move forward on my path of self-love and self-discovery.

In this sacred dance of life, I have declared that unavailable souls hold no place within my magical realm. They may be entangled in their own stories, their own struggles, but I am worthy of friendships that radiate with genuine love and presence. I shall settle for nothing less. Boundaries, oh, how they empower me to protect my precious heart and invite in the friendships that make my soul dance.

Now, let me whisper a magical incantation—a spell to ignite the flame of self-love within me:

By the power of my sparkling inner light, I joyfully honor the endless beauty that twinkles within me. With a skip, a hop, and a burst of laughter, I declare that I deserve love, joy, and magical connections that fill my heart with delight. Just like a magical castle, my boundaries stand tall, protecting the precious garden of my soul, inviting only the kindest and most caring souls to enter. Through the magic of boundaries, I create a safe space where my true self can dance and play, where love and happiness bloom like colorful flowers.

On this extraordinary journey of self-discovery, I celebrate the playful spirit of my inner child, nurturing the magic that dances and giggles within me. Hand in hand, we live vibrantly through whimsical adventures, exploring the realm of dreams and imagination, where anything is possible. With a giggle in my voice and a twinkle in my eye, I embrace my quirks, dreams, and unfiltered expression with pure and uncontainable delight. They are the unique brushstrokes that paint the masterpiece of my beautiful self.

With each confident step, I let my true essence shine like a radiant star in the night sky. No more hiding behind masks or pretending to be someone I’m not. I am a shimmering rainbow of authenticity, with colors that glow and sparkle with joy. In this embrace of my true self, I discover a wellspring of strength and resilience, like a magic potion that empowers me to overcome any challenge that comes my way.

Deep within me, a magical wellspring flows with wonder and enchantment. I don’t need to search for it outside, for it’s already here, bubbling up from the depths of my playful spirit. With a heart full of love and excitement, I share my magic with the world, sprinkling joy and laughter wherever I go, like a mischievous fairy spreading pixie dust.

By the power of my inner light, I honor the endless beauty that twinkles within me. I am worthy of love, joy, and magical connections that fill my heart with delight. My boundaries, like a protective castle, keep my tender garden safe. I embrace my quirks, dreams, and unfiltered expression with pure and uncontainable delight.

As I continue this extraordinary journey of self-discovery, I celebrate the playful child within me, nurturing the magic that dances in my soul. I will always embrace my true self and let their brilliance shine, for it is in this embrace that I find my greatest strength.

Thank you, dear nexus, for being my sacred sanctuary—a space where I can unleash my inner child and let her voice flow freely. Together, we twirl and swirl, hand in hand, guided by the power of boundaries and unshakable self-love.

With boundless wonder and enchantment,


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