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How You Change People

The truth in me calls out to the truth in you. ✨

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See Yourself

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Fear Has Two Meanings

I choose to face everything and rise. 

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Heart Chakra Affirmations 

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Not Just Anyone but the One

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Is Suffering Necessary?

Suffering is only necessary until you realize it’s unnecessary. My life took a dramatic turn when I came to this realization in January. ✨

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Three (Four) Stages of Life

I am transforming and evolving by changing step two to: 

Okay, yes, yes, mmmhmm, yes, more please and yes. ✨

Adding step four: Repeat. 

What are your steps?

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He’s Ok Because He Lied

Do you see both statements? Which one did you see first? Which one resonates with you?

You have the power within you to shift your perspective and outlook at any moment you desire. 


Life is an Echo

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What Does Self-Love Mean to You?

Found on Facebook. 

What does self-love mean to you?

To me, self-love means self-acceptance & self-compassion.

It means being AWARE of your thoughts, words, actions & reactions.

It means REALIZING that you are human.

It means knowing that you are NOT what happened to you.

It means LETTING GO of the idea of perfection. 

It means being able to FORGIVE yourself. 

It means trusting in yourself & your abilities.

It means being able to recognize your worth and your value. 

It means being grateful for what you DO have. 

It means showing up in your life and being 

FULLY interested. (no half ass anything) 

Self-love means being AUTHENTICALLY and UNAPOLOGETICALLY you.

But know that the journey of self-love is Not an overnight process. 

You must go through pain, darkness, self-doubt, shame, guilt, loneliness, solitude, obscurity & many unpleasant feelings before you discover your own beauty.
Don’t go looking for love outside of yourself. It’s already within you!