The Chronicles of Nopetopia

A young Black woman standing confidently in front of the capital of Nopesville. She exudes a sense of skeptical, dry humor, and directness. The setting is whimsical, with a large Welcome to Nopesville sign, styled humorously, at the town's entrance. The image captures a light-hearted yet candid atmosphere, blending realism with a touch of playful imagination. The scene is set in the late afternoon with soft lighting.The Chronicles of Nopetopia

I’m sitting here, flipping through my journal from 2015, chuckling at my own creativity. It’s one of those days when I need a good laugh, and this entry never fails. It’s my list of Nope cities, my funny way of saying a firm ‘no’ to nonsense and foolishness. I read them out loud, each one bringing a bigger smile.

Nopetopolis, I start, imagining a city where every street sign just says Nope. Nopesville, where the mayor probably greets everyone with a friendly ‘Nope’ instead of hello. Nopington, I continue, picturing a grand town hall with a giant neon NOPE sign. I can’t help but laugh.

Then there’s Nopelia and Nopeng, where I imagine even the birds chirp ‘nope’ instead of their usual songs. Cape of Good Nope sounds like a place where you turn back if you forgot why you were going there in the first place. Nopeyo, New Nope, and Sau Nopelo roll off my tongue, each one sounding funnier than the last.

Nopeo City and Nopenila sound like capitals of the Nope Nation, where the only law is to reject anything that doesn’t bring joy or peace. Nopembai and Nopelhi make me think of bustling, vibrant cities where everyone is just too busy saying ‘nope’ to bother with anything less than fabulous.

Nopekarta and Nopegos come next, followed by Nopekata and Nopeairo, the latter probably being a desert city where mirages are just different forms of ‘nope’. Nope Angeles and Nope Aires sound like they’re sister cities, famous for their ‘Nope’ Hollywood sign and tango dancers who elegantly say ‘nope’ mid-dance.

Then there’s Nope de Janeiro, where the statue of Christ the Redeemer has his hands outstretched as if saying, ‘Nope, not today’. Nopeinnati and Nopenhagen make me giggle, thinking of all the Nope Vikings and Nope Bengals around. Nopeland sounds like an amusement park where every ride is just a different way of saying ‘nope’.

Nopeside and Nope Town sound like cozy, little places where everyone knows each other’s ‘nope’ preferences. St. Nope must be the patron saint of boundaries, and Nopengham sounds like a place where Robin Hood steals from the rich and gives ‘nopes’ to the poor.

I close my journal, still smiling. It’s funny how a simple word, turned into imaginary cities, can bring so much joy. It’s a reminder that setting boundaries can be as creative and playful as we make it.

And here they are, my complete collection of Nope cities, a testament to the art of saying no with a smile:

  • Nopetopolis
  • Nopesville
  • Nopington
  • Nopelia
  • Nopeng
  • Cape of Good Nope
  • Nopeyo
  • New Nope
  • Sau Nopelo
  • Nopeo City
  • Nopenila
  • Nopembai
  • Nopelhi
  • Nopekarta
  • Nopegos
  • Nopekata
  • Nopeairo
  • Nope Angeles
  • Nope Aires
  • Nope de Janeiro
  • Nopeinnati
  • Nopenhagen
  • Nopeland
  • Nopeside
  • Nope Town
  • St. Nope
  • Nopengham

Originally composed on Monday, November 2, 2015 at 8:09 am ET.

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