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Anonymity Online with Tor

Protect Your Privacy Online with Tor

What is Tor:

Download Tor:

Read these steps before using Tor so it really works:

Tor is also available for iOS: Onion Browser – Secure & Anonymous Web with Tor

How to Go Invisible Online (article):


Our Privacy Shouldn’t End Where Netflix Begins

Netflix PrivacyI signed a petition asking Netflix to take a stand for their customers. If enough of us speak out, we can convince Netflix to not block pro-privacy VPN users.

Please spread the word: Tweet or email the following link (, use the hashtag #MyNetflixMyPrivacy, and share the campaign.

I’m standing with the OpenMedia community, a global movement of people who believe we can build a more connected and collaborative world through an Internet that is open and equally accessible to everyone.

If enough of us speak out, we can convince Netflix to stop blocking pro-privacy VPN technology. And donations from pro-Internet advocates like you is what keep our campaigns going. Donate today to make sure we can keep fighting on your behalf.