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Flow Genome Project

“The Flow Genome Project is about training homegrown humans who are inspired, resilient and connected.

This covers four overlapping disciplines:

  • Neuroanthropology
  • Optimal Psychology
  • Culture Architecture
  • Peak Performance

Peak states, deep healing, and powerful teamwork arise from playing in all of these domains. And that interdisciplinary perspective actually yields way more insight into shaping consciousness and culture than if we narrowly focused on biohacking or some other sub-field.

So if you consider yourself a curious skeptic, or a rational mystic, consider yourself in the right place. The intersection of Science and the Sublime.

That’s the challenge in front of us: to engineer Ecstasis without the Crave (of addiction to altered states), prompt Catharsis without the Cringe (of indulgent self help), and create Communitas without the Cult (of unreliable leaders and followers).

It’s how we wake up, grow up and show up for something bigger than ourselves. And have the time of our lives getting it done.

If this sounds up your alley…”

From the FGP newsletter.

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