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I Can

I can be taught many things but not attempt to control me

I can love unconditionally but never betray me

I can open myself up completely and be vulnerable in the moment but do not manipulate me

I can understand the root cause; is it in the present moment and within your area of control or is it the past where there is residual pain and trauma

I can let go.

I can forgive.

I can express gratitude.

But when the moment shows me a line is crossed, I cannot move forward.

And with this chapter, I am done.

I fly onward to the next.

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From Scammer to Saint

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Self Love

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Deserving More Starts with Your Thought

Abundance Pyramid

if you don’t think you deserve more, you’ll always accept less and you’ll always settle.

You deserve love. You deserve a life free of suffering and abuse. You deserve abundance.

Here is a brief and good article called “If You Don’t Think You Deserve More, You’ll Always Accept Less.”

If you want more in your life, this starts with your thought.When you change your outlook you will change your life.