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Use Studbot to create links to blogs for Blogshares. The feature I am referring to is under Linksmaker. Enter the industry ID number, select List, Dropdown or Hidden Box and click on Linksmaker. Studbot will generate the html code which you place on your blog. Reindex your site in Blogshares and the outgoing links will generate in the game. You will never have to worry about a blogless industry again as long as you keep your own blog active.

The link is:

Thank you Billy for this creation.



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Deactivate WordPress Plugin without WP Admin Access


WordPress Plugin

I had many WordPress plugin issues recently, and this morning for the first time a plugin conflict caused me not to be able to see anything in my dashboard. For some reason the Storify and the Vine plugins no longer were compatible with my blog. I rushed over to to find a fix. Then I stumbled across this video below and I resolved the issue using my cPanel and PHPMyAdmin.