How to Use Your Spiritual Power to Live a Magical Life

I came across this gem today. My heart is open and ready to receive. Thank you.

How You Change People

The truth in me calls out to the truth in you. ✨

5 Gateways: The 5D Shift Movie

This is a beautiful and wonderful documentary about the transition to a higher level of consciousness in the 5th dimension.

An Educated Empath Is A Narcissist & Sociopath’s Worst Nightmare

An ‘Educated Target’ is a narcissist’s worst nightmare because targets are grounded in reality and narcissists are not grounded in reality. Therefore, if the target chooses, it is easy to use the narcissist’s and sociopath’s weaknesses against them. Narcissists are addicted to supply and very gullible, making them quite easy to counter manipulate. Educated empaths are smarter than sociopaths and narcissists. Empaths are capable of abstract thought and creativity which is why targets are able to come up with very creative ways to counter manipulate abusers.

The delivery in this video is awkward but the overall message is important which is: Stay strong and get toxic people out of your life.

Let me know what you feel about this.

Adele – Hello

Adele’s new video premiered today and it already has over 13 million views. I watched the video way too many times today and yet I did not watch it enough. Adele is everything. I have been swimming in a pool of my own tears all day long. And of course I have added the song on the soundtrack to my life. Adele’s voice is so powerful. The lyrics are soothing and saddening at the same time. Wow.


Lyrics are below.

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