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Parallels – I Watched This So You Didn’t Have To

Parallels MovieSci-Fi is one of my favorite genres of movies. Throw in a time travel type of script and I find it hard to resist. I scrolled upon this movie on Netflix this morning. I saw the movie was only rated with 3 stars and 84 minutes long but I still hit play. Within a few minutes, my daughter joined me to watch the movie.

The movie is horrible. Not Howard the Duck horrible, but it is horrible. A brother who is a washed fighter, a bitter sister who just got into Princeton and a public defender lawyer neighbor who loves the girl, travel to different Earths in a weird building. The Earths are on the same time line, just on a parallel dimension. No one knows who controls the building. No one knows how many versions of Earth exist. The building mysteriously travels to another Earth every 36 hours. And somehow the brother and sister’s father is involved.

Semi-spoiler below.

At the end of the movie, we discover the mom is not dead and pieces of her are still alive. Pieces? Yes, this is what the dad said with only 12 minutes left in the movie. I knew there was no way they could creatively wrap up this plot in 12 minutes… and guess what I was right.

I can’t get these 84 minutes of my life back but perhaps I can spare you from the torture. I watched Parallels so you didn’t have to.

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