TV Preview

My aunt had some free tickets to a TV Preview. She offered them to JT and I. An evening of viewing television pilots. Sounded interesting at first. So yesterday we went to the TV Preview in West County. Evening traffic was herendous as usual but we eventually got there at about 7:15pm. I saw a lot of people walking into the Marriott, so I thought to myself.. ‘hmm a lot of people are going in, maybe this will be interesting.’

Oh dear, I was so wrong. We get inside the conference like room and we overhear the lady who was grabbing the tickets, telling the group in front of us that the event will last until 10pm. I immediately look over at JT and asked him was that ok with him. He hesitated at first lol, but then said ok. After we confirmed that we were okay with being stuck in the room for 3 hours, a gentleman named Major handed us two folders with booklets and golf pencils.

The first booklet was for a prize. The objective was to circle one product from each page; e.g. on a particular page there were a list of shampoos, so we had to circle the one shampoo that we would want if we won the drawing. TV Preview started off with a shitty impression. We didn’t when shit.

The first pilot we saw was entitled ‘Soulmates.’ It starred a women from Third Watch and was about a pyschologist who had a patient that she knew from a past life. No one else in the pilot looked familiar. The storyline was not smooth and I fell asleep a few times. I don’t even feel like telling you what else happened. No more TV Preview; one night of gahbage was enough. It was basically a ploy of an advertisement company to see what brands of products we liked. You get the picture that our evening sucked.

Until we had Lee’s Chicken for dinner. Yummy.