Free Prescription Drug Program at Schnucks Pharmacy

Just under two weeks ago, JT and I saw a news report on Fox 2 St. Louis about a new free drug program at Schnucks Pharmacy. The prescription is free regardless of insurance provider.

The free Prescription Drug Program for Generic Oral Antibiotics includes up to a 21-day supply, as well as prescribed refills, of the following seven classes of antibiotics:

For Drug Descriptions and Item Sizes included in the program go to the site and click on a drug title for more information:

Amoxicillin (Generic for Amoxil) – capsules and oral suspension

Ampicillin – capsules and oral suspension

Ciprofloxacin (Generic for Cipro) – tablets

Doxycycline – capsules

Erythromycin – tablets, oral suspension and capsules

Penicillin – tablets and oral suspension

Trimeth/Sulfa (Generic for Septra or Bactrim)

Schnucks Pharmacies are located throughout Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee and Wisconsin. To find out if a location is near you go to:

I am very excited about this program. JT and I will be going to Schnucks tomorrow to get penicillin filled for William. Because he has sickle cell disease, he takes penicillin twice a day to help fight infection. He has been taking it since he was 2 months old.

Any money saved due to this free program will help out the family’s expenses.

If you live near a Schnucks Pharmacy, do consider this free program for you and your family.