What Does it Mean to Die in Your Dreams?

I am truly thankful and blessed to be at a new job. I started this Monday and I have absolutely no regrets. There are only two people that miss me… maybe three. Other than that, I know no one will remember in the long run. Rashaan who? I guess the closest they may come is by saying, what happen to the mother of twins? There is this one kind gentleman that always called me that. For the longest he did not remember my name but he knew me as the mother of twins.

Training for my new job is six weeks but I am excited to do my job and do it well. Over the next few years, I am looking forward to many opportunities to advance in the workplace, unlike my previous position.

I had a weird dream last night. Well, are any of my dreams normal? *thinks* I do not think so… anyway, in this dream, I was dying I was scared to death and I remember the fear. My teeth were falling out one by one and my hair was coming out in clumps. I do not know what the hell caused this in my dream. Was I exposed to radiation? I could not figure out the cause in the dream. I kept asking people to take me to the emergency room but no one did and I kept getting distracted.

Ironically, JT also had a dream that he died… but someone killed him in his.

I did a little dream interpretation search before getting ready for work and it appears that dying in your dreams can be a sign of (positive) change. I place positive in parenthesis because some sources say only change and others say positive change.

I would like to believe that the dream represents a positive change heading in my life. How? I have no clue, but I can still be hopeful.

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