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I purchased missnexus.com in August of 2001. Missnexus.com is the second domain that I purchased, but the first that really had a special place in my heart. The site started of as a domain of a bunch of random junk about me, then I started manually blogging later that year. I was introduced to Grey Matter the following year in 2002 and in 2003 after Greymatter crashed my server three times, I started using b2, then Moveable Type. Almost two years ago, a couple of people and sites introduced me to WordPress. My websites have come a long way since I first started in the summer of 1996 before my freshman year in college. No more random animated gifs hovering over each page.

Almost two years ago, I lost nearly all of the content of my blog, no thanks to the bastards running my previous webhost at Vianux.com. Fortunately, I had some backed up journal entries from when I converted from b2 to Moveable Type. I have since entered many of those old entries but I have not completed that draining project.

Now on to the technical crap:

Domain: Missnexus.com

Title: Step Into the Nexus

Catch Phrase: Stimulating the Mind, Body & Soul

Current Version: Twenty One

Current Theme:

Launched: May 2009

Current Theme Song:

Need to put one here.

Previous Theme Songs are : here

I created missnexus.com to share a bit of my life with the world wide web. A large portion of my site is entertainment-oriented; however, there are times when missnexus.com may have serious discussions. Missnexus.com does not support racism, sexism, anti-religious statements nor any form of hatred and ignorance.

This site looks best if viewed maximized with a monitor resolution of 1280 x 1024 on the latest versions of Firefox or Opera. I prefer you to view Missnexus.com on Firefox or Opera for maximum pleasure but for IE users you may also view the site on Internet Explorer. I have tested Missnexus.com on IE 6 and I only occasionally have a javascript error. You may not experience maximum pleasure of viewing missnexus.com on Internet Explorer. I have not tested the site on any other browsers. I primarily use Firefox.

The layout looks best at the resolution of 1024 x 768, anything lower would just be uncivilized.  This site uses HTML, PHP, CSS and javascript. Once again, if you do not have the latest version of the above mentioned browsers, Step Into the Nexus may show incorrectly on your monitor.

The current version of missnexus.com that you are viewing is version 1.27.21.

The meaning of 1.27.21 is as follows: 1.27 is my birth date and 21 is the twenty-first version of this site.

The journal and comment sections of missnexus.com is open to tasteful discussions of any subject(s).

Contact the webmaster here, if you have any comments, questions or suggestions.

This site was created with the following tools:

Web Host: HostMonster.com

Domain Host: GoDaddy

CMS: powered by: WordPress

I am also using a variety of WordPress plugins including Akismet and others. A full list is forthcoming.


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