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WordPress Plugin

I had many WordPress plugin issues recently, and this morning for the first time a plugin conflict caused me not to be able to see anything in my dashboard. For some reason the Storify and the Vine plugins no longer were compatible with my blog. I rushed over to to find a fix. Then I stumbled across this video below and I resolved the issue using my cPanel and PHPMyAdmin.

TeamViewer Trial Period Has Expired Fix

TeamViewerI’ve been using TeamViewer for a couple of years to remotely log into my computers. I started using TeamViewer exclusively after LogMeIn ended their free version of the service. TeamViewer is free as long as it is for personal use.

Recently, I accidently did not select personal use when installing it on my Surface Pro 3. At the end of the trial, I tried to uninstall and reinstall for personal use. This didn’t work.

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Doctor Who Season 8

Doctor Who Series 8I’m currently watching Doctor Who Season 8. A couple of the earlier episodes were drawn out but overall the season is interesting. I enjoyed the episode with the “good” Dalek. There is definitely no such entity as a good Dalek. Listen to the Doctor.

This season has a story line regarding the afterlife and heaven and I’m very curious where the writers are going with this. Is it connected to Bad Wolf?

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Artefacts Needed as of July 5

Artefacts Needed

1293 Palmerston (NT)
2850 Selma (AL)
3112 Xiamen
3330 Lviv
5097 Natchitoches (LA)
5361 Harare
5424 Cherkasy
5644 Wavre
6701 Fortuna (CA)
7054 Luxembourg City
7060 Thibodaux (LA)
7333 Gweru
7562 Silistra (province)
7895 Madera County (CA)
7937 Xi’an
7980 El Dorado (KS)
8105 West Des Moines (IA)
8346 Eastern Province (Zambia)
8915 Sonoma County (CA)
9000 Westport (CT)
9025 Yard Sales
9262 Wilton (CT)
9368 Zaanstad
9402 Xenia (OH)
9411 San Marino
9625 Sioux City (IA)
9675 Ruston (LA)
9698 Monroe (CT)
9738 Newton (IA)
9769 Eagle (ID)
9795 Jhansi
9830 Mason City (IA)
9836 Irmo (SC)
9840 Shasta County (CA)
9862 West Monroe (LA)
9992 Marion (IA)
10000 Marshalltown (IA)
10000 Ottumwa (IA)